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Why undergo a neuropsychological assessment?


Regardless of your age or ability, if you've noticed some changes in your cognition then you may benefit from a neuropsychological assessment (also known as a cognitive assessment). A neuropsychological assessment can help to highlight areas of strength in your thinking skills, and any relative areas of weakness. This information can help us to understand what the underlying cause might be for the changes in your cognition, for example, whether it's a result of normal ageing, related to stress or changes in mood, or whether there could be an underlying condition which could benefit from further investigation. Whatever the cause for these changes, seeking advice early on is key to ensure you get the support or treatment you need to help improve your functioning and quality of life.

Cognitive assessments vary depending on the person's presenting symptoms. Most assessments will involve meeting for between 2-3 hours  where we aim to establish a clearer picture of your main difficulties and symptoms, obtain a detailed history, and complete a series of pen and paper tasks looking at different areas of cognition. Following the assessment, you would receive a detailed report of the findings, as well as a one hour feedback session to discuss the findings along with any recommendations. 

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