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Therapy Session

Individual therapy - £13
0/50 minute session
Couples therapy - £160/50 minute session
Neuropsychological assessment - £130/hour

Arranging an appointment


If you're thinking about meeting with one of our Clinical Psychologists, we would invite you to get in touch by phone or email, or by using our contact form. We will then contact you over the phone to briefly discuss your situation, and think about what your hopes would be for meeting with us. This discussion will last for up to 15 minutes and helps us to decide if our service would be a good fit for your needs, and which member of the team might be best to meet with you. 

We offer virtual appointments, as well as within our clinic spaces in Central and South East London. We can discuss your preferred location during our initial telephone consultation.

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What to expect at the initial assessment




If we feel that you might benefit from meeting with one of our team, we will set up an initial assessment with you. This could take place in one of our therapy rooms in London, or remotely using secure videoconferencing software. During this appointment, you and your psychologist will have a conversation about the difficulties that have brought you to therapy, as well as thinking about other areas of your life. The initial assessment usually lasts between 50 and 90 minutes, and is an opportunity for you to share relevant information about yourself, your past and your current situation. This helps us start to gain a broader understanding of you as an individual, and how we might best be able to help as well as gives you an idea about whether you would be happy to work with us.

We would also think together about what your hopes would be for therapy, what changes you would like to make, and where you would want to get to by the end of therapy.  We would have a collaborative conversation about how best to address your needs, and whether the therapeutic approaches we use could be helpful to you. If, by the end of the assessment, we think that we're not the right service for your needs, then we can discuss alternative services with you and support you to access these. 

Starting therapy


If we  both decide that therapy could be useful, and you want to begin therapy, then we would agree on a therapy 'contract'. This contract would outline the focus for our work, the number of sessions and time frame we have agreed, and the obligations we have to each other.


Therapy sessions last for 50 minutes, and they could be at weekly or fortnightly intervals. We typically meet with people for between 6 - 16 sessions, but this will vary depending on what your needs or hopes are for meeting with a psychologist, and the approach we are using.

Whilst it can be helpful to plan for the ending of therapy, you would be free to leave or terminate the therapy at any time. Understandably, some people might find the process of exploring their difficulties and making changes quite emotionally challenging. We know that people are more likely to benefit from meeting with a psychologist when the timing is right for them - it's important, therefore, that you feel ready to explore the problem and consider making changes, and that you have the time to commit to attending sessions.

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